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Thursday, September 23, 2010



1. Be clean! Keep your hands and work surface clean. Keep your tools clean and free of smudges (ink pads, markers, etc.).

2. Be smudge-free! Make sure your ink is completely dry before closing your card. If you do have smudges on your card, try to remove them with a white eraser like Stampin’ Up! Pastel eraser. If that doesn’t work, re-do it. It’s only paper!

3. Bling! Add something special to your card, but don’t overdo--clean and simple is beautiful. A little bling goes a long way!

4. Be sharp! Make sure your cutting tool is sharp and not fraying the edges of your paper. Use a sharp scissors for cutting ribbon so it does not fray.

5. Little things mean a lot! Cut ribbon at a pretty angle when finishing your card. Be sure to line up your edges so your images are straight and even. Blush the edges of cardstock to create depth and interest. Need help with blushing? Just ask!

6. Quality shows! Always use high quality cardstock (80 lb. paper is ideal). Your paper should have a nice, smooth surface to accept the ink. If your image doesn’t seem dark enough, your paper may be the problem. Envelope quality matters, too. The difference will show in your finished product.

7. Image is everything! Be sure your stamped image is sharp and clean. If not, re-do it. It’s only paper! If you consistently get a poor image, check your stamp and your paper to determine where the problem is. If the stamp is damaged, don’t use it. If the problem is your paper, you need a better quality cardstock.

8. Detail! Detail the inside of your card. Include an extra layer, blush the edges, stamp an image that coordinates with the front of your card, etc., but avoid lots of shapes or busy lines. Place your sentiment just slightly above center for the best presentation.

9. Decorate! Decorate your envelope to match your card. Keep it simple, though. Do not put anything on the outside of the envelope that might get caught in postal machines.

10. Be Postal friendly! If you are using buttons or brads, be sure they will not poke through your envelope in the mail. If they might poke through or prevent the envelope from lying flat, include a piece of bubble wrap inside your envelope to protect the card and get it safely through the post office machines.

11. Final look! Take a final look at your project when complete. If it doesn’t meet the above criteria and have a professional look, make changes!

12. Break out! Do all of your cards have a similar look? Break out of your comfort zone and try a different technique!

Your extra effort will show in your beautiful, professional-looking card!


  1. When you say blush the edges is that sponging?

  2. Yes, I do it with sponges. There are several styles of sponging, though. I like to hold the cardstock in my hand and pull the sponge down on the edge to make the edge of cardstock very dark. Then after all the edges are done, I go back around with less ink on the sponge and repeat the motion but let more of the sponge drag across the flat surface of the cardstock. I have also heard this referred to as "flicking". That way, I can get soft color or "stripes" of color going into the flat surface. With greens, it makes a neat grass effect when I do it at the bottom. I also bring the color in more on the corners.

    Some stampers sponge with the cardstock flat and some rub the sponge from the flat surface over the edge while holding it. All of these techniques make different effects in the finished product.

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